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[gfsd] Re: PicqHARMACY

From: Hector Dittmer
Subject: [gfsd] Re: PicqHARMACY
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 05:35:57 -0400

C p I r A y L s I j S s
S d O m M g A q
M w E c R d I a D a I m A z
V y I l A u G g R e A w
X p A z N q A e X w
A d M s B j I u E l N q
V b A q L n I f U p M c
S m A i V u E o d O h V l E f R e p 7 p 0 n % f l W j I v T x H q o O w U i R b j S l H l O u P m ! h

expected several male nurses to barge into the room with restraining equipment. But isnt it possible that this is merely coincidence? Fontaine is a common name throughout France, but, as I understand it, the Prefontaines were distinctly centered around Alsace-Lorraine. Yes, of course, said the deputy, again, lowering his voice rather than conceivably winking. Yet without any prior word whatsoever, the

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