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[gfsd] Re: PHApbpRMACY

From: Felicidade Scoville
Subject: [gfsd] Re: PHApbpRMACY
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 15:26:35 -0400

C h I r A a L l I u S g $3 , 75
X b A v N l A j X e
M o E k R n I q D t I y A h
A m M u B a I b E a N j
S s O z M b A j
V o I j A r G o R y A e $3 , 33
V a A u L m I k U m M m $1 , 21
and many other ...

to be in an empty villa somewhere, not wandering around. We are; we were. You see, I have a plan, a stratageme, I believe would interest you. I discussed it with Brendan- Brendan? His name, monsieur. He thinks my plan has merit and hes a brilliant man, very sagace-

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