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[gfsd] You have to heard this

From: Tabatha Shaffer
Subject: [gfsd] You have to heard this
Date: Two, 28 Mar 2006 4:51:45 -0330

There is a Big PR Campaign running  ALL Weekend!
Get PIFR First Thing Monday, This Is Going To Explode!

Check out  HOT NEWS!!!


Current Price: $.60
Up .22 in last 2 days!
Up .10 more Today 
Already Starting to move!

Before we start with the profile of PIFR we would like to mention something 
very important: There is a Big PR Campaign started  today. We are already 
seeing movement it will go all week so it would be best to get in NOW


Climbs 100% plus since its IPO, just signing an agreement with TOP 10 
in-surancee company in US (AccuQuote). 
The company is pleased and proud to be working with a wide range of clients 
that includes in-surancee industry leaders Transamerica In-surancee and John 
Hancock In-surancee, as well as leading online in-surancee br0ker AccuQuote. 
We Do Not See this slowing down, watch out this st0ck go crazy tomorrow. 
This is a Must Watch.. 

A U.S. based company offers specialized information management serices to both 
the In surancee and Healthcare Industries. The services we provide are specific 
to each industry and designed for quick response and maximum security. 

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