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[gfsd] Re: FTA Super Channels Dishnet/Bev Programming Easy

From: tv
Subject: [gfsd] Re: FTA Super Channels Dishnet/Bev Programming Easy
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 13:18:41 +0800

Attention Dishnet Testers and FTA satellite testers

We have Just Included An Array of Hardware For All members To Test Including 
The Reveolutionary CoolSat 5000 With HDTV Compatibility,and the super duper 
Atmega 128 card.Shop with us and save today!

Bringing Satellite Testing Home Since 1999

Great news today as you can now program all your Atmega128 cards to decrypt the 
entire Nagra2 encryption, giving you access to all the channels that 
Dishnetwork and Bev have to offer with full un-restricted channel access giving 
 you all the programming that the networks have to offer. This means that with 
your Atmega128 card you can now get all pay-per-views, movies, sports, locals, 
adult, music channels, and more!

::. Endorsed By Pansat & Coolsat Distributors

All you need is to have an Atmega128 card and programmer, as well as a 
membership from our website. If you don't already have an Atmega device, you 
can purchase on from us for a low cost once you are a member. Our value 
membership from us will grant you access to all the highest quality in private 
satellite testing fixes and software, compatible with all free-to-air receivers 
like Pansat, Fortec, Coolsat, as well as many others, as well as with your 
Atmega128/ROM cards now. All of our software is very easy to use and end-user 
friendly. All you need to do is load our application, choose your desired 
settings, connect your device, and boom! That's it. You'll be watching 
hassle-free amazing satellite television for virtually free right away.

Guaranteed & Secure Offshore Services 

Our team also prides itself in offering full documentation, readmes,guides, as 
well as complete help and assistance for all your satellite testing needs. You 
will always be up using our in-house coded scripts, and we will always be there 
to offer you total support coverage by our customer and technical support 
dedicated agents. This is provided straight from our offshore owned and 
operated company headquarters. Check it out today, be a part of the revolution!

Worldsatellite Group

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bounced email traffic incoming, we are unable to monitor replies to the email 
address this message was sent from. Please send correspondences to the 
designated contacts on our website.This message should not be considered 
"spam".You are receiving this because you are a consenting member of our 
affiliates newsletter. Should you wish to unsubscribe and not receive further 
correspondences from us, feel free to send us an email to us with the subject 
"Remove" marked. 

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