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[gfsd] Re:Real Nagra2 Recievers And Support XTV LIVE ADULT CHANNELING

From: updates
Subject: [gfsd] Re:Real Nagra2 Recievers And Support XTV LIVE ADULT CHANNELING
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 03:35:30 -0400


Are you in need of a system to get back perhaps all your lost channels back? 
Well climb aboard and purchase a Nagra 2 Ready rciever with extnded memory 
capacity for nagra 2 beta flash testing.Please take note that this fix is 
available to members only club,once signed up you can access files and our N2 
ready reciever ready for your testing wishes and needs,test away.Sign Up Today 
and get full access to our Super encrypted easy files.Once your a member you 
can access our Nagra 2 ready member reciever and test today,we have 30 day 
guarantee on hardware and software.You cannot lose at all.We are still here 
unlike other sites around that crumble.We are in house technicians wishing to 
serve you better.

Isn't it time that you make the right decision and join a satellite testing 
site that has been running strong for such a long time, with fixes that have 
been running flawlessly since late 2004. Our code is ultra private therefore 
you are not taking any risk when becoming a member and we also extend a full 30 
day refund guarantee, so within that time if you decide we are not up to your 
standards, email us and we will promptly rectify the situation.


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