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[gfsd]Cron <address@hidden> ~fsddist/bin/nightly

From: Cron Daemon
Subject: [gfsd]Cron <address@hidden> ~fsddist/bin/nightly
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 06:29:26 -0400

                               Categories Errors 

These categories are used in the directory, but are not in the categories
    NOTE: Categories should *always* be listed in directory entries using
          the first column of categories file.

     Category "fw" is in files:

  Unknown Category Quick List:

  Quick List of Files Referenced in this Report:

                             Interface Field Errors 

  privoxy.txt: 50: invalid value(s): "daemon v%%programs:"

                             Related Fields Errors 

Following programs have related fields that refer to programs without entries:
    privoxy: 1: invalid related fields: "TrustWxxall"
    tcpreplay: 1: invalid related fields: "tcpdump, snoop, tcpslice"
    cflpw2vcg: 1: invalid related fields: "cflow, xvcg"

                              Version Field Errors 

    gcron.txt: 93: invalid value(s): "planning %notes: No releases yet"
    Forum.txt: 107: invalid value(s): "None yet"
    roseg.txt: 125: invalid value(s): "0.2.0 "(roseg-4 branch)" alpha released 
    TimeTracker.txt: 91: invalid value(s): "1.98 stable released"
    NeDNS.txt: 95: invalid value(s): "1.2.1 stable"
    traceroute.txt: 91: invalid value(s): "6.0 stable released 6 Apr for Unix 
and VMS"
    jEditSyntax.txt: 97: invalid value(s): "2.2.2rc 1 beta released 2002-08-06"
    gnumessenger.txt: 100: invalid value(s): "planning %notes: No official 
version released yet"
    harmonics.txt: 97: invalid value(s): "planning %notes: Most recent update 
is from 2002-02-11 for use with xtide 2.2.2 or later"
    LiveJournal.txt: 96: invalid value(s): "";

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