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[gfsd]Problem with -t flag in Gnu Enscript 1.6.1 running on AIX 4.3.3

From: Frickle, Joseph
Subject: [gfsd]Problem with -t flag in Gnu Enscript 1.6.1 running on AIX 4.3.3
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 20:38:05 -0500


First I would like to thank you for teh enhancements available in the GNU
Enscript 1.6.1 facility. 
 The Adobe version 1.0 enscript provided onthe AIX OS CD's   does not
provide a means for modifying the
pages margins and baselin skip which presently has me tied to using a 7point
font in 
order to get 66 line/page reports to page break correctly.
My users complain this font is too small.  Using the -s0 and
--margins=5:5:5:5 flags provided with the
GNU version 1.6.1 allows me to use a 9 point font which they will like a lot

Now for the problem: 

Under the GNU 1.6.1 version I cannot get the -t flag to work properly.
I am trying to get information passed via -t flag , -J flag or --title  flag
to show up in the AIX
v 4.3.3  header page on the TITLE line.  Instead of the "Distribute to
Accounting"  or what ever values
that our application want to pass via the -t flag,  I get STDIN.NNNNN
(where  Ns are a number
that is different with each report)  on the TITLE line.  If I do not specify
a -t (or -J or --title) flag  I still
get the STDIN.NNNNN value for the TITLE line on the banner page instead of
the file name I am printing.

  Environment is GNU enscript v 1.6.1  installed via IBM's  AIX toolbox for
Linux Applications
media which installs via RPM.  System is at AIX 4.3.3 Maint level 10.  
However I have also tried the GNU endcript 1.6.1 available at this link.

In either case the -t flag did not work as expected.

  Command sample :

/usr/linux/bin/enscript -c -i5 -s0 -DDuplex:true -r -dtestxrx_ps -n1 -t
"Deliver to Joe Frickle" -L 66 -B -fCourier9 --margins=5:5:5:5

The Manpages I have seen on the web for GNU Enscript 1.6.1 state that   -t
" Sets Banner Pages Title to Title .  Option sets also
the name of the input file stdin."   Thie way I read this the TITLE lline
should be either the filename being printed or the value passed via the -t

In the Adobe 1.0 version of enscript (running on this same box) when I run
the -t flag's value is printed on the TITLE line on the separator page and
if I do not use a -t flag the
name of the file prints on the TITLE line.  Sample command using Adobe 1.0
enscript follows:
enscript -c   -r -dtestxrx_ps -n1 -t "Deliver to Joe Frickle" -L 66 -B
-fCourier7 NYRCRL_ORD__20010425_163637.REP    

Any help you can provide is appreciated.  I really need to fix the font size
but the distribution information is
essential as well.  I am stuck on 7 point fonts using Adobe 1.0 until I get
some help with this. 


Joe Frickle
Systems Engineer V
Verizon Information Services
972 453-7547  

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