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[gfsd]Are CD and DVD plant closures hurting your business?

From: Clint Wood
Subject: [gfsd]Are CD and DVD plant closures hurting your business?
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 11:43:17 -0700

As you know numerous CD and DVD replication plants have closed due to a very
competitive climate and overseas competition.
If your looking for a reliable and dependable CD and DVD replication
facility that offers the highest quality
and best customer service in the business, Concord Disc Manufacturing is
your turnkey solution!

I believe you will find our pricing very competitive and the service and
quality first rate!
The prices below include glass mastering/stampers required to replicate the
discs and (3) color printing on the disc.

As I mentioned Concord Disc is a full service facility located in Anaheim
California. Our 180,000 square foot facility offers:

·       In house mastering
·       DVD authoring
·       13,000,000 CD's a month capacity
·       1.5 million DVD monthly capacity
·       Fully automated and hand packaging
·       Custom package design and printing
·       Fulfillment and mailing services

·       1000 CD's with (3) colors       .34 each
·       2500 CD's with (3) colors       .30 each
·       5000 CD's with (3) colors       .27 each
·       10,000 CD's with (3) colors     .26 each

·       1000 DVD-5's with (3) colors        .71 each
·       2500 DVD-5's with (3) colors        .70 each
·       5000 DVD-5's with (3) colors        .69 each
·       10,000 DVD-5's with (3) colors    .68 each

If you have any comments and or questions call,
my name is Clint Wood and I would like to quote your next CD and DVD

Clint Wood
Concord Disc Manufacturing
3845 East Coronado Street
Anaheim, CA 92807
Cell# 562-884-8616

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