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[gfsd]bug, I Have A Home To Show You...

From: Foreclosure World
Subject: [gfsd]bug, I Have A Home To Show You...
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 13:45:36 -0400

Hello bug,

Owning a home for you and your family takes time and money so I will keep this 
short and to the point as I am sure you are very busy.

How would you like to save MAJOR MONEY buying a foreclosed home in your area? I 
know the hardest part for you is finding the time to search, especially when 
you are not even sure where to look! Well, the hardest part of actually buying 
a home is the money let's face it.

I would like to share with you how people "in the business" find foreclosures 
and buy them WITH NO MONEY DOWN to live in or to sell them for SERIOUS PROFITS! 
Please call me at 1-800-706-BANK Shhhh...They use my service!

You are all but a mouse click away from being able to find beautiful 3-4-5 
bedroom foreclosed homes in your area from $25,000 and you can sometimes own 
these homes or any home WITH NO MONEY DOWN! Zero Down Payment!

bug, if you want that dream of owning a home for you and your family to finally 
come true start right now, FREE SEARCH!

Get Your Dream: FREE SEARCH! Click Here:


Wendy Tarantino
General Manager
Foreclosure World

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