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[gfsd]Business Relationship

From: Dr Kema Chikwe
Subject: [gfsd]Business Relationship
Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 10:48:13 -0700

Ministry of Aviation
Head quarters,234 Gariki


This letter is not intended to cause any embarasment
but just to contact your esteem self for a bussiness
assistance.I know that a bussiness of this maginitude
will make one worried, but i assure you all will be
well at the end of this transaction.

I am Dr Kema Chikwe, the present Minister of
avition. I am in search of a reliable and reputable
foreigner on whose company's name I will use to get a
'Raidar' contract award worth US$90M in Nigerian the
Aviation industry.

The contract real value is US$65M but is being
inflated to US$90m. The contract have been approved by
the Federal Government of Nigeria but have not been
given to any particular company. Tenders for the
contract are coming in from foreign companies but are
all kept on hold pending on when I get somebody to
assist me because of my interest in the contract.

This contract is to be carried out by me here in
Nigeria but with your company's name as a beneficary
as I am not allowed to carry out a contract in a
ministry of which I am the head.

The payment of the contract will be made in your name
by the Central Bank of Nigeria into your foreign
account. As soon as the moblilisation money is paid
into your account, you have to remit same to me, so
that I will take off the contract.PLease i will not like
you to seat on this fund as is going to affect my
Honourable self.

I have decided that this transaction can only proceed
under the following conditions:

1. That you treat this transaction with utmost
secrecy, confidentiality and conviction of transparent

2. That upon the receipt of the fund, you will release
the fund as instructed by me.

3. That the US$25m ovrdraft will be shared depending
on your performance in the transaction, although 10%
will be used to offset the bills encured during this
transaction and 20% for your company.

To this end, contact me if you are interested and
always have it in mind that this is highly
confidential as I am still a practicing minister.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.


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