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[gfsd]URGENT: Error with /directory/Software_development/Compilers/freeP

From: Peter Gerwinski
Subject: [gfsd]URGENT: Error with /directory/Software_development/Compilers/freePascal.html
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 19:19:03 +0200
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the page

completely mixes up the two existing free Pascal Compilers:

  - GNU Pascal (
    is the Pascal compiler from the GNU family. It is linked against
    the GCC backend and is planned to be integrated into GCC in the
    long run. It aims towards portability in the same sense as GCC
    does, implements ISO Pascal, Borland Pascal 7.0, plus parts of
    other Pascal standards or de-facto standards.

  - Free Pascal (
    is an independent GPLed Pascal compiler. It aims towards
    compatibility with Borland Delphi and is portable - AFAIK - to
    some i386- and m68k-based platforms.

For details, see both web pages.

If it is not possible to correct the page on a short time scale,
please remove it; otherwise you are pointing GNU Pascal users to the
Free Pascal mailing list and Free Pascal users to the GNU Pascal web
pages and so on.

Thanks in advance,

/home/peter/bin/s: /home/peter/gpc/gpc/p/version.h: Datei oder Verzeichnis 
nicht gefunden


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