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[gfsd]Linux Kernel Page

From: Jere Almey
Subject: [gfsd]Linux Kernel Page
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 13:09:17 -0400

Sorry to bother you, but I found some incorrect information on the following page,


The link to the kernel source tarball;


points to nothing, and if read carefully doesn't make any sense (as it points to a 2.5 kernel in a 2.4 directory). Here is the correct link to the latest stable kernel



Furthermore, I am curious as to why you would point to a beta version of the kernel Version 2.5.5 (beta) released on

2002-02-21, which is known to be rather buggy, instead of the latest stable release, Version 2.4.18 released on 2002-02-25

19:44. No biggie, but as I said, I'm just curious.


Under "Related information" under the sub-heading "Build prerequisites", "gcc 2.6.3 or later" is specified for the version of

the C compiler required. Any recent Linux kernel will not compile with anything less than gcc version 2.95.3. (I have tried. Bad things happen.) Furthermore,

the kernel documentation states that the following other packages, with associated version numbers are also prerequisites for kernel compilation;


o  Gnu make          3.77                   

o  binutils                  

o  util-linux             2.10o                   

o  modutils             2.4.2                  

o  e2fsprogs           1.25                   

o  reiserfsprogs       3.x.0j                 

o  pcmcia-cs           3.1.21                 

o  PPP                   2.4.0                  

o  isdn4k-utils         3.1pre1                


Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope that you have found this information worthy of that time. :)


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