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[gfsd]AutoGen's directory entry

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: [gfsd]AutoGen's directory entry
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 11:01:36 -0700

Hi Janet(?),

I found this new entry:

I wanted to fix some of the entries, but there are no data for
gnulist under webcvs:software.  There is a directory, but it is
empty.  Then, I looked at the straight HTML, but it is clearly
generated.  So, instead of a patch, here are some comments:

1.  "automates" instead of "automestes"

2.  The current version is 5.3.7.  I would like to regenerate
    this page whenever I regenerate the documentation:

3.  AutoGen should also be referenced from the C library directory
    'cuz the AutoOpts component is a substantial piece of work.
    It doesn't stand on its own, but it should be known about.  :-)

4.  Gary V.Vaughan's e-address is:  address@hidden
    His old address would have been address@hidden anyway.

5.  The next version (5.3.8) is about to be released and
    will have a new program:  xml2ag
    That program will allow AutoGen to use any XML file as if
    it were a set of AutoGen definitions.  That will greatly
    facilitate creating useable text files from XML.
    xml2ag will be suppressed, though, if libxml2 is not found.

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