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[gfsd]Special arrangements.

From: Partrick A. Anyaso
Subject: [gfsd]Special arrangements.
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 13:33:32 -0700

 I am contacting you because of the great need to work with someone, who is not 
from this country, as regards to my client's present situation and specifically 
because you have a fixed address or let me say fixed responsibilities, which 
stands as a better form of trust. I am Mr.Patrick Anyaso. I am a lawyer and a 
very close confidant to my client. I have been my client's family lawyer since 
 In 1994, my client's husband and his military colleagues took over the seat of 
power [government] in Nigeria from the then interim president Chief. Ernest 
Shonekan through a peaceful coup, but unfortunately most of the African head of 
states did not welcome the overthrow. They were asked to vacate the seat of 
power and return it to democracy, which they refused, until September 1998, 
when their leader and then military president of Nigeria died of some 
mysteriously ailments. This led them to handover power, to this present 
civilian regime who later arrested my client's husband and some other past and 
retired militay officers, and since then they have been on illegal detention 
for some year.
 Ever since my client's arrest, live has never been the same again for his 
entire family. My client's family has suffered so much political torture in 
different ways, all their properties which I helped in managing since my 
client's detention, have been sealed up and are st! ill non functional till 
this present day. From all indications the present President of Nigeria is out 
to ruin the families of these military officers because of his personal 
vendettas which he had with them in the past. It is very clear that President 
Obasanjo wants to take advantage of his seat in power to settle old scores. 
More evidence could be shown to you by referring you to web pages of our 
national dailies, later. I contacted you because; my client's wife, insists 
that I look for a reputable foreigner who she can do business with. Madam 
insist and believes that she can only trust a foreigner with her live, because 
of various disappointments, betrayals that she has experienced from close 
friends and people she trusted, who have sabotage and leaked out secrets 
concerning their family's accounts and assets.
 This business that I am about to discuss with you requires a very good sense 
of judgment. I have in my possession some huge amount of money in cash [ forex 
] approximately $67.3 million in USA dollars ]which belongs to client's family, 
but due to some circumstances beyond our control, it is completely impossible 
for the family to keep, or make use of this money here in this country. She 
wishes to entrust this sum of money with you or company for safekeeping. Madam 
wants you to receive and keep on her behalf, since she, her children and their 
family workers are placed under! traveling restrictions. All of her husband's 
asset, bank accounts and properties have been confiscated. Madam needs your 
help to safe guard these funds in questions until she is able to get over her 
present predicament. The existence of this particular money is not known to any 
body else, but we are afraid that the government will soon find out about it 
and confiscate it.
 Having in mind that the future and fate of a good number of some innocent 
people both member of the family and some family workers lie in the safety of 
these funds.As a lawyer, I have done a perfect home work, and very concrete 
arrangements on how this cash [money] could be moved out of our this country 
safely and risk free. All that is needed from you is to help to receive and 
keep this money safely, since we are restricted from leaving the country at the 
moment. After that, if the family agrees, we may then discuss further on 
possible investments plans, but my client is more concerned about is the safety 
of the money first, which is their future.
 Complete details of the family and this transaction, will be revealed to you 
when we must have built up trust and opened up negotiations. This family has 
really suffered so much political torture in different ways, which is the 
reason why I have withheld these information until i gain your trust, on your 
acceptance to cooperate and assist my client, I will give you the A to Z 
details on your request. We will then discuss and negotiate on a certain 
percentage share of the money that my client wishes to pay to you for your 
expected services. Please do inform me on your stance immediately, so as to 
stop further contacts. I await your immediate response. NOTE - You can get in 
contact with me through my secured ----- fax . 234 -1- 7591293 or my e-mail 
 Best regards,
Mr. Partrick A. Anyaso. ESQ

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