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From: William MacDonald
Subject: [gfsd]Thanks
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2002 23:33:07 -0700

To all thank you very much,I received almost 200 emails from the project.From what I could see from the letters it was very simple to see that you are at a skill level that is so far ahead of me I doubt if I could catch up.But I have a problem that I sure hope that I can get some assistance.I am really not that good with a computer I just hunt and pick somehow the work gets done.I am a Canadian and I do consider you our friends as do my fellow citizen's. Every once in awhile something happens but we always work it out.I must admit I think that the press in both America and Canada did a terrible job.Here is this young pilot flying this aircraft in a deadly situation putting his life in danger every day and something went wrong, very wrong.I am sad that these men died but it was an accident.Canadians Americans and the British don't go around Killing each other.I sure hope that pilot is off the hook, he has that event on his mind for as long as he is alive.I'm sorry I did not want to take to much of your time,I am Canadian what can I do, pretty much this it, I have no power or clout in the US.The last thing that I want to say (please think about it) the pilot did not kill the Canadians Osama Bin Laden did,didn't he? If you agree with me and you have some connections,please find a way to get my note to someone who cares and to that very brave pilot. Thanks. I was sent a letter last night by someone in the project saying that his daughter was being harassed by some morons.The exact thing happened to my daughter,I am in the process of putting a couple sites on line,this is where I need your help.The one site will be for a little income and the other site I want to get some of garbage that's out there doing Kids porn,and the molesters of those little children. I am really hoping that if you perhaps's help me out with programs and guidance on how I can get the bad people of the net. I need to be stealth,and have the tools to crack passwords and make new ones, I will also need hacked credit cards to get into these sites (I also need,a few great virus's and what ever you think will help me knock this sites down and make it very difficult to get back to there old habits.My skill's on a computer are not great, I am very well trained in marketing and I must have an income,I have two kids in college and you know that's expensive,I was doing great but I had an accident and had a career ending injury.I lost my shirt.Also I would like to be baby stepped through the codes.Thank you for ears and I hope if you agree with me please,please help me out.I am going to make this a full time job,the police are busy and I think this will help them.I was seeing the RCMP today and they like the plan but if you find out about something do not try to be a hero get them to take them out,anyway once again thanks.

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