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From: Marco d'Itri
Subject: [gfsd]whois
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 23:13:41 +0200 (CEST)

%%name: whois

%%short-description: An advanced and intellingent whois client

   This is a new whois (RFC 954) client rewritten from scratch by me.
   It is derived from and compatible with the usual BSD and RIPE whois(1)
   It is <em>intelligent</em> because it automatically selects the
   right whois server for most queries. It knows about TLDs, NIC handles,
   IPv4 and IPv6 allocations, AS numbers and is believed to have the most
   complete list of whois servers.
   It supports the command line syntax of the RIPE client.

%%category: network

%%license: GPL

%%updated: 1 Jun 2002

%%keywords: network, whois, DNS, domain, NIC

%%interface: command-line


%%developers: Marco d'Itri <address@hidden>



%%human-languages: de el es it no pl

%%source-language: C

%%version: 4.5.28 on 1 Jun 2002

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