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[gfsd]Thank you for writing the Motley Fool!

From: The Motley Fool
Subject: [gfsd]Thank you for writing the Motley Fool!
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 09:51:13 -0400

Thanks for contacting the Motley Fool. You've sent an email or an automated 
reply to address@hidden, which is not an inbox that is monitored by Customer 
Service. This brief guide should answer your questions.

- Go here:
- Enter your email address and click ENTER.
- Choose the appropriate link on the next page.

ACCOUNT CHANGES (username, password, e-mail address)
To access the Account Maintenance page:
1. Go to our homepage and click on the MY FOOL tab OR use this direct link:
(The login page will appear first if you are not already signed in.)
2. Look for the Personalization Options box in the bottom left corner of the MY 
FOOL page.
3. Click on the personal settings link within that box.
4. You will see a variety of choices to change, edit and view your account 
across the top of the next page.

During transmission the links occasionally break and become nonfunctional due 
to incompatible e-mail formats. In other words, there is a technical problem.

You can always copy/paste a link into the LOCATION or ADDRESS bar of your 
browser and then hit ENTER or GO to access it.

Copy/Paste Instructions:
- Click and drag your mouse over the link text you want to cut or copy. This 
should highlight the link.
- Next, simply hit (Ctrl+C) for Copy or (Ctrl+X) for Cut or right mouse click 
on the highlighted text and select Copy or Cut from the pop-up menu.
- Then put your cursor where you want to paste the text.  
- Next, hit (Ctrl+V) to paste the text or right click where you want to paste 
the text and select Paste from the pop-up menu.

If the instructions above do not address your problem, please visit our 
Customer Service page for additional contact information:

Use the first link for Praise, Suggestions, Questions and Criticisms.
You might also find the HELP link on that page useful.

Thanks once again, and best of luck!

Member Services Staff
The Motley Fool

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