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Re: [gfsd]Re: CLISP on GNU directory and GNU web pages

From: Bradley M. Kuhn
Subject: Re: [gfsd]Re: CLISP on GNU directory and GNU web pages
Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 10:20:20 -0400
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> > Sam Steingold <address@hidden> wrote:
> > > > > > > 1. <>
> > > > > > >    does not mention CLISP
> >
> > The categories were problematically configured in a number of
> > different ways.  We have resolved that problem.  Janet has some
> > updates to do in the directory, but when we roll out the new interface
> > this week, with her data changes, this should be solved.
> a week later, still the same problem.

We've reworked the directory layout, and there is still some cruft
floating around from the old interface, and that URL leads to that cruft.
The new direct URL for the LISP category is:

We'll try to clear out that cruft today.  The old URL can't work.  One
main problem was that the old HTML generation was completely flat, but it
needs to be hierarchical due to name conflicts.

> > > > > > > 2. A search for "lisp" on 
> > > > > > > <>
> > > > > > >    does not find CLISP; a search for "clisp" finds nothing.
> >
> > Someone is working on a search utility tonight.  We expect to have
> > something workable with the roll-out this week.

> a week later, still the same problem.

No, not the same problem.  However, it was a problem that might seem the
same to the end user.  Our index.html of the new system wasn't being
generated properly, and the old one was still in place.  This is now

> > Janet works full-time on the Free Software Directory, and answers
> > <address@hidden>.  AFAIK, she is responsive to corrections.

> she is indeed!

Great, then there is no trouble that I can see.

> > Granted, she couldn't fix (1) and (2), because they were primarily
> > problems with the interface-generating program.  That will be repaired
> > this week.  Besides (1) and (2), what things did you want updated that
> > Janet didn't already do for you?

> there are minor spelling errors and inaccuracies that I would rather
> not bother her with.

It's part of her job; she does not mind the bother.  Please send all
corrections to the directory to <address@hidden>, where Janet will
see them.  To my knowledge, she always makes corrections within 1-2
business days.

> > > > > > > 1. <>
> > > > > > >    does not mention nor GCL, nor Maxima.

You'll likely note that GCL and Maxima are not listed at the new URL
quoted above.  Janet can update GCL and Maxima to be in the Lisp
Programming Language category.  Once she does that, 24 hours later
(depending on when she does it), the online directory will be updated.

However, please realize that we in the USA are about to start a holiday
weekend, so please think twice before sending us a message to say it
hasn't been done.  It might be next Wednesday before the HTML is updated,
in the case that Janet doesn't get to it today and does it on Tuesday
after the holiday.

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