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[gfsd]Re: link exchange

From: Horia Cristescu
Subject: [gfsd]Re: link exchange
Date: Mon, 5/21/2002 51:28:6


After analysing your website, I would like to propose you a link exchange with our website Our website carries a wealth of information on yoga, tantra and meditation and can be a valuable resource for your visitors.

If you decide to go ahead with the link swap, you don't need to reply to this email.

Follow this URL to get to our submission page. The submission will take effect immediately.

And here is our linking information :

It is important to know that link exchanges with related web sites also have an indirect value : they increase the "link popularity" of your site and thus improve your search engine ranking. Every link from a related website to your site is like a vote. Our website enjoys a good link popularity and we believe we can give you a valuable "vote" in the search engines (especially Google and its partners, Yahoo and AOL). It is very important that you reciprocate the link so that you make sure the search engine "spiders" will find it and take it into consideration.

Best regards,
Horia Cristescu,

Thank you.

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