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[gfsd]Urgent Assistance

From: mrsrita abed
Subject: [gfsd]Urgent Assistance
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 09:39:00 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Sir,
Based on the information and recommendation I got
about quick growth of business, investment and
commerce in your country, I deemed it necessary to
write and inform you about my interest to invest in
any viable venture in joint partnership with you.I am
Mrs Rita Abed the first wife of king George Abed K.S.M
the king of mende tribe in Sierra-Leone. On the 19th
May, 2000 my husband was murdered by some rebel group
on the accusation that he is a great sponsor and in
support to restore the democratically elected
President of Alhadji Tejan Kabba. Almost half of the
palace was burnt. Fortunately I was not in the place
when they raided the palace my husband married 4 wives
with 16 children two of the wives, with my 3 children
where murdered in cold blood while my second son
escape the incident with bullet wounds on his right
leg at the moment where the remaining families are I
don’t know their way about whether they are alive or
not.<BR>Right now I am left alone with only one  son
since the sudden assassination of my husband the
family has been displaced and totally disorganized
left with noting. Early last year my husband came back
from travel and gave me some document to keep for him
as usual he told me that he deposited 18.5 million USD
in a trunk box with private security company in
Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire as a family treasure. So I
decided to go and search for the documents where I use
to keep them I discovered the documents covering the
deposit he made with the company and some other
documents like his will and other documents for his
business. As my town has been a serious war zone, I
made arrangement with two peace keeping force to help
me and my son move  out of the country, however we
moved out of Sierra-Leone successfully, to Abidjan
Côte d’Ivoire where we are now. I have gone and
conform the deposit with the company with all the
documents all the documents are with me here.<BR>Now I
wish to transfer these funds abroad and enter into a
business venture as the country (Côte d’Ivoire) is no
longer in peace since they conducted their
Presidential election on the 22nd October 2000 the
country has witness all sort of political unrest
ranging from ethnic clash which resulted to killing of
innocent citizens and strangers people are living in
fears as the country is no longer that peaceful nation
as it was before due to this reason that I have
decided to contact you, to assist me to lift  this my
consignment out of this country. Please I need your
assistance. Waiting for your urgent reply.<BR>Thanks
and God bless.<BR>Best regards.Mrs Rita ABED

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