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[gfsd]gnu make isn't even listed

From: Andreas.Mohr
Subject: [gfsd]gnu make isn't even listed
Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 14:35:37 +0200


on, section "Development",
you don't even list GNU make (or at least I couldn't find it within 2 minutes 
of searching for it).
Even querying your search engine for it ("make") doesn't immediately find it.
Instead, I always got "cons" as a make replacement.
A Google search for "gnu make" even lists it as the *FIRST* entry, however !

This is the second time that I've been searching on these pages
(as I *know* that some particular piece of software is supposed to be there !),
and also the second time that I've had to report
something to not be accessible from there.

Misses in two tries out of two (my first try was many months ago)
strikes me as being a pretty poor performance;
thus you might want to fix your whole indexing for the better.

Thank you !

Have a nice day !

Andreas Mohr, Wine developer

Andreas Mohr (Praktikant) 
New Telematics Generation 3 

DaimlerChrysler Corporation 
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D-71059        Sindelfingen 

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