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[gfsd]We ask for your Permission

From: webmaster
Subject: [gfsd]We ask for your Permission
Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 13:57:49 +0300

Dear ID :01/ 2646Rh-NoSPM
E-mail : address@hidden

To the respectable decisions makers

Scientists in Strategetic Center have attained apractical intellect that is formed as an advanced accounting program which canhelp  organizations and firms inrecording their financial aspects.

The program combines Stock accounts,Costs accounts,Analyses accounts and Financial accounts
ONE account and ONE thought.

From the above accounts the following could be extracted:

1-Trading and Operating accounts.

2-Profits and Losses accounts.

3-Activities Results accounts.

4-Trial Balances accounts.

5-The  organization’s financial  position at any time of the year without making annual inventory.

6-Visions for the decisions makers without needing periodical or seasonal reports.


To achieve the objective you can follow the following three ways:

1-You can see the advantages of the program and how to work with it by' visiting the site of Strategetic Center at:

2-For personal issues you can contact:
     Tel : (00202)- 5084183 , 5050726 , 5050648
'      Fax : (00202)- 5082727
     E-mail : address@hidden

3-For intellectual discussion you can visit:
'Strategetic Center's posts on google newsgroups

Best regards,
Strategetic Center
Finance and Management

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