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[gfsd]Fwd: Re: GIPTables Firewall

From: toby cabot
Subject: [gfsd]Fwd: Re: GIPTables Firewall
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 14:35:50 -0400
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Hi, this person has asked to have his program listed in the directory.

Toby Cabot (GNU Project Volunteer Coordinator)
--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: GIPTables Firewall Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 20:21:07 +0200

Thanks a lot for your help. Here is the new description:


Welcome to GIPTables Firewall Homepage (distributed under GNU General Public

What is GIPTables Firewall?

GIPTables Firewall is a free set of shell scripts that helps you generate
iptables rules for Linux 2.4.x and newer kernels. It is very easy to
configure and at present, designed to run on hosts with one or two network
cards. It doesn't require you to install any additional components to make
it work with your GNU/Linux system. All you need to set-up a very secure
firewall for your GNU/Linux machines is iptables and GIPTables Firewall.

GIPTables Firewall can be used very easily with a host that has only one
network card, and this host can be a server or a workstation. It assumes
that if your host has two network cards, then the host should be a Gateway
Server that connects your INTERNAL private network to the EXTERNAL world
(the Internet).

Access from your internal network to the external world is automatically
controlled and filtered by the SNAT feature of iptables and GIPTables. This
is well known in the GNU/Linux world as MASQUERADING. The DNAT feature of
iptables and GIPTables automatically controls access from the Internet to
your internal servers where the software will forwards specified incoming
connections to your internal server.

GIPTables Firewall has many advantage compared to its competitors.

It is easy to install and configure.
It does not require you to install any additional component to make it work.
It only needs iptables to run.
It is using NAT and masquerading for sharing internet access where you don't
have enough addresses.
It is using the stateful packet filtering (connection tracking) feature of
It is automatically doing all kinds of network address translation.
It is using rate-limited connection and logging capability.
It provides good protection against all kind of TCP SYN-flooding Denial of
Service attacks.
It provides good protections against IP spoofing.
It provides TCP packets heath check.
It runs on any type of GNU/Linux system.
It has a flexible and extensible infrastructure.
It is easy to adjust and modify for your needs.
It is small and does not use a lot of memory.
It merges cleanly with all native GNU/Linux programs.
It is well written and very powerful.
It covers all needs in a highly secure server environment.
It is open source, it is FREE and easy.
It is powered by GNU/Linux.

GIPTables Firewall is simply the best firewall software to use with
iptables. It comes with a myriad ready to use of predefined rules. To be
protected all we need to do is to answer in its configuration file yes or no
to the questions. Nothing more than that is required from your part to make
it work.

Best Regards,
Adrian Pascalau

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