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[gfsd]Partnership proposal

From: Andrew A. Okunev
Subject: [gfsd]Partnership proposal
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 19:43:48 +0400


My  name is Andrew Okunev, I am project manager of, a new
mailing lists service by Agava Software Company.

We  are  now looking for partners who would be interested in automated
configurable  newsletters.  As  far  as  I  could  conclude  from your
web-site,  Free  Software  Directory  does  not have a newsletter that
would  allow  users  choose  specific  software categories, updates on
which they would like to receive via email.

Zinester  is  interested  in it's popularity growth - therefore we are
developing  customizable  newsletters  free  of  charge. Besides being
free,  partnering  with Zinester will bring a lot of targeted visitors
to Free Software Directory in the future.

Please  let  me  know  if  you  have  any questions. We can discuss my
proposal via telephone too, if it is preferable.

Andrew A. Okunev
Project Manager

AGAVA Software Company

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