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[gfsd]Re: Comment utiliser la LPG (GPL) ou la LPGA (LGPL) - Projet GNU -

From: Yves de Champlain
Subject: [gfsd]Re: Comment utiliser la LPG (GPL) ou la LPGA (LGPL) - Projet GNU - Fondation pour le Logiciel Libre (FLL/FSF)
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 13:38:22 -0500


I have developped two internet-based applications (PHP - MySQL, currently running on Apache and Mandrake), and translated one, that are pubished under the GPL My work is based on a GPL application called "The Diary" by Augustin Schapira which I translated in french

Here is the link for these applications - where they are running and source code and more informations - Everything is in french

My two applications are Fichues Lectures - COOPraxis
The one I translated is : Les cahiers collectifs

While COOPraxis is reserved for specific members, the two others are open for use by everyone.
Anybody can of course install and run their version of any of them

If you have any question, I will be pleased to answer them. I am completely new to GPL stuff as a developper.

Thank you

yves de champlain

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