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From: Harald Kirsch
Subject: [gfsd]gnulist/cordelia/bras.txt
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 09:06:26 +0100

Below you find a patch to the entry for bras in the GNU Free Software
Directory Listing.

You should seriously consider to allow variables in the database
format. E.g. you could run the database files at least through the m4
macro preprocessor. The first variable to introduce would then be

  #define VERSION .....

which would be expanded at several places in the document.

  Harald Kirsch

--- bras.txt.orig       Mon Feb 25 08:58:20 2002
+++ bras.txt    Mon Feb 25 09:00:07 2002
@@ -36,9 +36,9 @@
 %%license verified on: 2002-02-11
-%%maintainer: Harald Kirsch <address@hidden>
+%%maintainer: Harald Kirsch <address@hidden>
-%%updated: 2002-02-11
+%%updated: 2002-02-25
 %%keywords: bras, command, command line, command execution,
 dependencies, Tcl, system administration, congfiguration
@@ -57,13 +57,13 @@; User manual available in PostScript
 format from
-%%developers: Harald Kirsch <address@hidden>
+%%developers: Harald Kirsch <address@hidden>
@@ -89,25 +89,25 @@
-%%version: 2.2.1 stable released 2002-02-11
+%%version: 2.3 stable released 2002-02-24
-%%help-list: <address@hidden>
+%%help-list: <address@hidden>
-%%dev-list: <address@hidden> 
+%%dev-list: <address@hidden>
-%%bug-list: <address@hidden>
+%%bug-list: <address@hidden>

Harald Kirsch   | address@hidden
LION bioscience | +49 6221 4038 172

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