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From: Mark Glines
Subject: [gfsd]
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 08:17:08 -0800
User-agent: Mutt/1.3.27i

Hi!  My "buffer" project was renamed to "bfr" a year ago, to prevent a
namespace clash with an unrelated project.  Your "buffer" page is more
than a year out of date.  Even though I rarely use the e-mail address
posted on the "buffer" page any more, the "Developers:" entry is spelled
incorrectly ("paraniod" should be "paranoid"); messages sent there would
not get to me.  Thats not important, though - I would prefer if the two
entries were merged.

In addition, some unfortunate developments with regards to my internet
service provider have caused all connections to port 80 to be filtered out,
and I haven't managed to find decent webspace for it yet.  Could you change
the URLs to point to port 8000 instead, like:

Thanks.  Also, v1.5 is out.  Is there an announcement procedure I should
follow, to notify you of this?  I maintain the listing, but
until recently I wasn't even aware your entry existed, and I'd like to
keep everything consistent and current.

Encrypted replies preferred!
while($_=shift){if($d==1){$a="$a \"$_\""}else{if(/^-(.+)/){$t
=1}}}die"Usage: $0 [-ix] [--] regex [paths]\n"if!$r;eval"\$r=
qr/$r/$i";$a='.'if!$a;@F=`find $a -type f`;address@hidden;for $f(@F)
{open(I,$f)or next;while(<I>){print"$f:$.:$_"if/$r/}close(I)}

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