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[gfsd]Cell Phone Radiation is Dangerous!

From: comacho
Subject: [gfsd]Cell Phone Radiation is Dangerous!
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 10:42:34 -0500

Do you use a cell phone?
Are you aware that the electromagnetic waves that come 
from your cell phone are directly related to brain cancer!

Cell Phones are commonplace in todays society.  
Now the truth is coming out.  For years scientists have
raised concerns over the health risks involved in using a 
cellular phone.  In Europe cell phone manufacturers are required 
to print a warning label on all phones.  Similar to cigarettes in 
the U.S.  Soon Motorola and Nokia will be printing these warnings 
on their American phones.

We sell a product that reduces the electromagnetic waves by 99%.
Best of all our product is only $9.95.  
Your safety is obviously important.  Be safe and take a look at 
our product.  It is brand new, easy to use, fits every cell phone, 
and is very affordable.  

If you are interested in cell phone safety or would like more info 
about our New Cell Phone Anti-Radiation Shield please email me at

address@hidden with the subject "safety"

or click below


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