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[gfsd]Revised Categories

From: Janet Casey
Subject: [gfsd]Revised Categories
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 15:07:27 -0500

In preparation to changing over to an Elog interface, I've revised the
categories list. It can nowonly have two levels, but I don't think
that will matter as not many entries had three or four levels of

Any comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome.

Revision of categories Nov. 19, 2001 for elog


1. Only two levels of categorization
2. Increased accuracy

Text creation and manipulation- creation and manipulation of either
                                human or computer language text
        editors- modifying previously written human or computer language text
        programming editors- editors to modify computer language text           
       word processing- software to create human language text docs
        documentation tools- software to help create documentation of
                             other software for other software
                             language converters

Software development- software to write software with
        C programming - to write source code in C
        C++- software to write source code in C++
        Python- software to write source code in python 
        Perl- software to write source code in perl 
        Other languages- software to write code in other programming languages
        program editors- programs to modify previously written source code
        compilers- programs to compile source code of any language
        shell- shells and programs to make using them easier
        debugging- programs to debug previously written source code
        programming language conversion- convert source code in one
                                         computer language to source
                                         code in another programming
        program build automation- programs to automate builds
        version control- software to allow multiple users to work on
                         the same files while tracking changes made to
                         these files
        misc- programs to do small specific development tasks

Libraries- software libraries (groups of reusable code)
        C libraries- groups of reusable code related to C programming
        C++ libraries- groups of reusable code related to C++ programming
        User interface- groups of reusable code related to designing
                        user interfaces
        Localization- groups of reusable code related to adapting
                      programs to languages and design styles
        Image processing- groups of reusable code related to creating
                          and modifying images
        misc- libraries for small specific tasks

Network applications- software to do network communication jobs
        security- software to protect a network from unwanted intruders
        newsreaders- software to facilitate and organise reading of
                news and newsgroups
        privacy- software to protect network users' privacy
        browsers- software to browse the Web 
        tools- software to perform specific network tasks 

        GUI clients- software to facilitate reading, sending, and
                      organization of email
        text clients- text-based software to facilitate reading, sending,
                 and organization of email
        mail transport agents- sends mail over the network
        mail delivery agent- puts mail into mailbox

Live Communications- software to facilitate real-time communications
                     between two or more users
        Instant messaging (ICQ)

Web Authoring- text and graphics software for constructing and
managing all content on Web sites
        HTML editors- software to edit HTML code
        HTML preprocessing- software to prepare and check HTML code
                before it goes up on the Web
        format conversion to HTML- software to convert code in other
                computer languages and formatsto HTML
        digital images- software to organize, prepare, and modify
                digital images for display on the Web
        servers- software for servers that host Web sites

Audio- software to facilitate playing music through a computer
        ogg vorbis
        cd burning
        cd ripping
        CD playing
        organization of tracks

Telephony- software to facilitate using the Internet for telephone

Video- software to facilitate viewing moving images through a computer
        video viewing
        video manipulation

Graphics- software to facilitate creating graphics with a computer
        2D- software to creat two dimensional graphics
        3D- software to create three dimensional graphics
        graphics editors- draw and paint programs, etc.
        page layout programs- software to facilitate layout of human
                              languages text annd graphics for hard
                              copy printing

Printing- software to facilitate printing from a PC to a printer
        PostScript- software to make printing PostScript files easier
        GNOME specific- software to make printing under GNOME easier
        printer specific (ie H-P)- software to make printing under a
                                   specific lines of printers easier
        fonts-software to facilitate the creation, organization, and use of
             different fonts

Design and Manufacturing-
        Circuit design- software to help design electronic circuits
        CAD- software to help design physical objects 
        CAM- software to help run production machinery

Security- software to safeguard a system or network from unwanted intruders
        firewalls- software to blockade a system or network from
                   unwanted intruders 
        authentication- software to verify passwords
        Internet- software to prevent unauthorized attacks on a system
                  or network through the internet 
        encryption- software to scramble or unscramble an e-mail message
        system- software to ensure that only authorized users can
                access a system

System administration- software to help with daily maintenence,
                       backups, and user changes to a system
        configuration- installing new users, dates, and changing user
                       passwords, preferences, and procedures
        remote administration- software for system administration wher
                               either admin or users are off-site
        backup- softwre to perform system backups
        monitoring- monitoring system usage, load, and demands
        network hookup- software to help connect a computer to the network

Database- software to maintain and manipulate large groups of data
        administration- software to maintain, manipulate, and update
                        large groups of data 
        SQL-type- software designed to work with SQL-type databases 
        servers- software to run and maintain database servers

Business/Productivity- software to help run a business whether
                       virtual, freelance, or traditional
        spreadsheets- software to crunch numbers
        timetrackers- software to keep track of who you're working
                      for at various times
        PIM/address books- software to maintain personal contact information
        calendars- software to keep track of personal schedules
        specialized business software- software for specific types of
        project managers/planners-

E-commerce-software to facilitate conducting business over the Internet
        auctions- software with which to conduct online auctions
        retail buying-software to facilitate buying products over the Internet
        credit card software- software to securely process credit card
        e-commerce security- software to check buyer identity and
                             secure transactions

        enhancements for specific games
                     Doom (is Doom free?)
                     SimCity (recently freed)
        other board games-
        shoot-'em-ups- games with the object of killing as many
                       (hopefully virtual) characters as possible
        simulation games-
        word puzzles-

Hobbies- software to improve personal mental health and physical well-being
        health- software to help maintain, improve and inform users
                about health issues
        nutrition-software to help maintain, improve and inform users
                  about diet and nutrition issues
        geneology- software to help trace a family tree
        music- software to help write music
        ham radio-

GUI- software for graphical interfaces
            File managers- software to administer and maintain a user's files
            Window Managers- software to administer and maintain a
                             user's on-screen windows
            GNOME apps.- apps native to the GNOME desktop
            KDE apps- apps native to the KDE desktop

Educational- software designed to teach a particular subject
        elementary- software designed for teaching children equivalent
                    to the American K-6 grade range
        secondary- software designed for teaching children equivalent
                   to the American 7-12 grade range
        adult- software designed for teaching post American high
               school or equivalent
        typing- software designed for teaching typing to post
                    American high school or equivalent students
        programmming- software designed for teaching programming
                          to post American high school or equivalent students

        symbolic- programs for doing algebraic manipulations
        plotting- software to present statistical data graphically
        statistics- software for the manipulation of statistical data

Science- software to aid in scientific research
        astronomy-software to aid in astronomical research
        physics-software to aid in physical science research
        geology-software to aid in geological research
        chemistry-software to aid in chemical research
        biology-software to aid in biological research
        geography- software to aid in geographical research

Localization- software to facilitate adapting software to local
              cultural and linguistic conditions
        language adaptions- software to adapt software to work in a
                            specific human language
        localized editors- software to edit text in specific human language
        text converters- software to convert text to a specific human language

Disability- software designed to help users work around physical disabilities

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Janet Casey                     
Free Software Foundation                     

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