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From: M.P.
Subject: [gfsd]update
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 23:36:31 -0800


Menschenfeind Productions is currently seeking reviewers for upcoming cd 
If you are interested in reviewing cdr promo's of soon to be pressed cd and 
vinyl releases please get in contact.
These reviews will be used to promote the actual release once it is officially 

Publish a magazine/zine? If so send us info on your ad prices/review policy, 
M.P. is always on the lookout for independent publications to work with.
We will also trade fliers/ads with others and send them out with orders.

Need distro? We are always expanding our catalog, we purchase wholesale from 
better known bands / distros, and do consignment/trade for the lesser known 

We have plenty of references available for the weary.

Know of a local record store that carries obscure underground music? If youd 
like to be able to find the latest Menschenfeind releases there, please send us 
the name of the store, along with some contact info.

Before offering to do reviews, or sending demos, please consider the info below.

Menschenfeind Productions releases a variety of styles, though the primary 
focus is on Power Electronics, Harsh Noise, Experimental, New Wave, No wave 
etc. We are not interested in straight rock, jazz, dance techno, or similar 
ilk. Menschenfeind releases are available at a number of independent record 
stores, and various online retailers.  Menschenfeind productions will soon be 
expanding, and will be carrying a variety of new music, and publications. 
Custom designed/altered electronics instruments and devices, such as tasers, 
signal generators, contact mics, vocoders, effects pedals, etc along with 
custom welding/metal work for unique packaging or instruments are also in the 


Menschenfeiond Productions
PO 30051
columbia mo

Sorry about the mass mail.
to be removed reply with remove in the subject.

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