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[gfsd]Ashfordaisyak / ARC CD

From: menschenfeind productions
Subject: [gfsd]Ashfordaisyak / ARC CD
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 12:58:24 -0800

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Ashfordaisyak / ARC CD limited to 50 copies

ARC's sound is centred on the melodic loops, textures, & samples provided by 
heavily-effected guitar. This is overlaid with tribal-esque rhythms provided by 
various percussive instruments; drum kit, djembe, tabla, wood blocks. With this 
combination, we create a roiling tapestry of both rhythmic & ambient sound, a 
sound simulataneously prim(ev)al & avant-garde. 

Ashfordaisyak   Provides Cut up sound, harsh soundscapes, and odd field 
recordings, blended with new wave rythms and vocals, and  Reminescent of early 
Residents, subgenious radio, etc.

The cd is packaged in a red jewel case, with full color artwork.

the cd is available for $10 postage paid in the u.s. $14 world

email for wholesale prices.

Menschenfeind Productions
po 30051
columbia mo
make payment out to Dustin N.
paypal is also accepted. address@hidden

reviewfrom BBC radio
"The aim of Ashfordaisyak in his work is to "gently disturb" the listener, or 
so he told me. His unorthodox distribution policy (by taping copies of his 
sound creations to train windows and public toilets) sets the tone for falling 
off the left field anarchy that would follow.
The first thing of note is that I think 19 year old Dan Wilson (aka 
Ashfordaisyak) has an obsession with supermarkets. They get a mention by name 
on more than one occasion on this 7-track demo. I can understand that. 
Supermarkets try to be light friendly places, in reality they are scary. They 
are suffocating by their sheer size. This demo reeks of suffocation and 
claustrophobia. The claustrophobia of the penguin who was fenced in by the 
trolley park as Sainsburys. The suffocation of the vocals that finish the 
telling of a story about a loner girl who wobbles named Bridget, in a strangled 
crescendo. The deeply dark track about the boy whose parents keep in a cupboard 
under the stairs and his attempts to escape. 
Musically the demo ranges from looped electronica and spoken-word ambient to an 
almost drum n bass backing of track five, "Doug's Piss Up (With Uncle Nester)." 
I think maybe that Christopher Morris's Blue Jam radio shows are of important 
influence to Wilson. These shows were musical pieces as much as they were 
comical sketches and this what Wilson seems to create here."

 incursion music review

"This self-titled, self-produced and self-distributed debut from the 
improvisational ambient outfit ARC is a document of live recordings made in 
1999 through 2000. ARC is (A) Aidan Baker on guitars, flutes and voices, (R) 
Richard Baker on drumset and percussion, and (C) Christopher Kukiel on djembe, 
percussion and decks. The music is what they call 'experimental- dark-ambient- 
neo-tribal', which I would say sums things up rather nicely. Ambient textures 
from Aidan's guitar interact with the sometimes driving, though often uneven 
rhythms from the two percussionists, creating impressive atmospheres that are 
at times calm and serene, at others dark and threatening. The pieces are 
free-flowing improvisations, the musicians interact naturally with each other 
and seem to feed off of one another intuitively and with great ease. Probably 
the darkest track here is the third one; rough guitar and percussion textures 
accompanied by a bizarre narrative using an eerie voice from some computer 
speech program. this is an intriguing debut, recommended for fans of more 
percussion-based ambient music, or for those who enjoy ambient guitar textures. 

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