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From: menschenfeind
Subject: [gfsd]distro
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 17:34:22 -0800

would you be interested in distributing the new Cat Hope Cd? This cd has gone 
through 2 pressings in Aus., this is the debut release of the disc from a U.S. 
Some info is below. 
If you are wondering i found your email off the links at this 
is not a mass mailing, and your name has not been added to any lists.


CAT HOPE - FETISH CD  full color artwork, in red jewelcase.

"CAT HOPE as a solo bass show using an incredible line up of pedals and a lap 
top to construct enormous walls of sound. She is in the precess of making her 
first solo recording this way, and in March 2000 Cat did a short tour of the US 
and London as part of the Extreme Music From Women tour, promoting the realease 
of a CD of the same name on UK label Susan Lawly"

 $10 postage paid u.s.
 $14 postage paid world

wholesale $5 min. order of 3

Menschenfeind Productions
po 30051
columbia mo
make payment out to Dustin N.
paypal is also accepted. address@hidden

"Cat Hope has developed a unique set of chops, a powerful stage presence, great 
control of feedback, she also knows where number 11 is on the volume control of 
her amp, making her probably the noisiest woman that I've ever heard on a stage 
anywhere ."
Jon Rose, Australia Ad Lib, 2001.
"... Cat was great - the whip on the guitar and the gloves and the dress and 
flowing hair - I can see why heralbum is called fetish. I liked how there were 
quiet moments then superfast strumming of the guitar - her hands were a blur. 
for me it was like watching a talented turntablist cut up the decks, hands 
whirring, sounds not quite matching the speed of the hand movements because 
they are blended together. and I've never seen anyone control the feedback like 
her before! boldly going where no other artists like to venture.. in front of 
the speaker with a mic.." 
Kath - Radio Pulse 
Thanks to Cat Hope for mesmerising us with her scary beauty (and her pulsing 
Lloyd "Diaspora" 
"...queen of bass, Cat Hope ..."
Time Off magazine 
by Robert Beveridge
Last, and worth the wait, was Cat Hope, from Australia. Another who helped make 
her stage presence known with a dress that was cut to the point of obscenity 
(my god, that woman's got some seriously muscular thighs), but in Hope's case, 
it couldn't take your mind off the noise. Being slowly dismembered wouldn't 
have taken your mind off the noise. Using a bass (seemed detuned to me, but I 
could be wrong), a number of effects pedals, a small sampler, and a laptop, 
Hope ended the night on a quiet note?? at least, quiet as far as Speak in 
Tongues shows go?? but that didn't stop the crowd from registering, and gaping 
at, the unbridled ferocity of one woman and her bass guitar. Subsonic rumbles, 
feedback, minimal beats (supplied by the laptop) all combined to form a kind of 
soup that merged beauty and ugliness in a quite original way. I like what Cat 
Hope does, I like it a bunch, and hopefully we'll be hearing more from her as 
time goes on. 
Rochester NY USA- RADIO STATIC -Keith 
Cat Hope, the last performer, was like nothing I've ever heard/seen. Walls of 
feedback and raw noise generated by a bass and some effects boxes. This had to 
be the most "extreme" act of the night, in terms of sheer abrasiveness and 
sensory overload.

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