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[gfsd]PIKT URL has changed; PIKT 1.15.0 released

From: berto
Subject: [gfsd]PIKT URL has changed; PIKT 1.15.0 released
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 18:48:38 -0500 (CDT)

Dear site maintainer:

The PIKT Project has moved!  The PIKT homepage is now at

Please change any of your PIKT URLs to reflect this change.  Note, also,
that any download links should point to the same URL.

The most recent PIKT version, released just last week, is PIKT 1.15.0.
Please update your PIKT listing as necessary.

You have PIKT listed at

In addition to the above changes, please change the following:

    Robert Osterlund <address@hidden>       [corrected address]
    Robert Osterlund <address@hidden>       [corrected address]
    Harlan Stenn <address@hidden>    [corrected address]
    Michel Blanc <address@hidden>
    [please remove Kelsang Wangden from the listing]
Source tarball:
Redhat packages (RPM):
Web page:

Also, for the mailing lists, it should be @gsbpop, not @popgsb.

Finally, we no longer support anonymous CVS downloads, so please retire
that link.

Additional information about PIKT, the 1.15.0 release, and the newly
offered commercial support from Open Channel Software is appended below.

On behalf of the PIKT development team, thanks for listing PIKT!

Robert Osterlund
PIKT Project Leader


PIKT, Problem Informant/Killer Tool, v1.15.0 has been released.

PIKT, an innovative new paradigm for administering heterogeneous networked
workstations, is a cross-platform, multi-functional toolkit for monitoring
systems, reporting and fixing problems, and managing system
configurations.  You can also use PIKT as a basis for managing system
security.  PIKT consists of an embedded scripting language with unique,
labor-saving features; a sophisticated script and system config file
preprocessor, scheduler, and installer; and other useful tools.  PIKT is
a category buster with many, many different uses limited only by your
ingenuity and imagination.


--Implemented per-slave authentication keys (so that the piktmaster shares
  a unique set of secret keys with each slave system).
--Introduced a new utility, rkey, for generating random authentication
  keys in keys.conf.
--Added the 'piktc -p' option for installing to slave systems PIKT.conf
  files with updated keys.
--Added ARP (MAC/ethernet address) piktmaster authentication.
--Completely revamped the configs_samples, increasing modularity,
  maintainability, clarity, ease of use, comprehensiveness, and accuracy.
--Revamped the configs_starter, and expanded the Tutorial to include
  Getting Started material.  The expanded Tutorial is now based on the
--Introduced command path overrides (e.g., of arpcmd) in PIKT.conf.
--Fixed several bugs, clarified some error messages, and made other code

See the "PIKT Changes" section of the distribution NEWS file, also the
ChangeLog file, for further details.

Other significant developments:

--We've moved!  The official URL for the PIKT Project is now  This is actually a link to the PIKT page at the Open
  Channel Foundation (OCF; http://,
  the project's new organizational "home".
--OCF's commercial arm, Open Channel Software, is offering, at modest
  cost, technical support services and (fairly soon) other PIKT "add-ons"
  and peripherals.  For more information, please visit the OCF PIKT page
--In spite of this new relationship, "core" PIKT--the essential framework,
  basically everything accomplished by the project so far--is now and will
  forever remain GPLed, free in cost, and freely available.  Work on
  improving and extending the PIKT "core" will continue.

PIKT is distributed under the GNU General Public License.  Available now
for GNU/Linux, AIX, Digital UNIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, OpenBSD, SCO
OpenServer, Solaris, and SunOS.  For more info, and complete source code,
documentation, and sample configurations, please visit the PIKT Web site:

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