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[gfsd]Directory Search Function

From: Janet Casey
Subject: [gfsd]Directory Search Function
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 16:35:11 -0400

We are having problems with the Directory search function on Richard asked me to write to you so
that you could check to see if the problem is on our end before I
write to the maintainers of the search program (ht:Dig).

Number one below is the most important. If you have any further
questions, or if there's something I haven't explained in adequate
detail, please write me and I'll try to clarify things.

1. The search function from the main gnu page
( successfully pulls up Directory
entries, but the search function from the Directory home page
( does not.

Also, the section of the page that lists
categories does not reflect the current category listing. The current
category listing has been checked into CVS. I don't know if the
program can automatically generate HTML for that page. 

If it cannot, and all that is now needed is a new listing of the
categories and HTML for the page, I could have a shot at it. If the
problem is more complicated, I can't help.

However, the search function from the alphabetical page
( does work.

2. The 'recent packages' link does not pick up the most recent
packages, either new entries or updated versions of already entered

3. Perl modules with a double colon in the middle (ie Date::Calc) are
not handled correctly on the
page. In the alphabetical listing of packages, the programs are listed
as links but the links don't work.

Janet Casey
Free Software Foundation

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