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[gfsd]Anasil - software network analyzer

From: Anasil
Subject: [gfsd]Anasil - software network analyzer
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 15:58:54 +0200

Dear Sirs,

LF Networks is the software company present on the market since 1997.  For more than 4 years we have been specializing in creating network diagnostic software.

We kindly invite you to try our new product ANASIL 2.2 –Software Network Analyzer.

ANASIL is a powerful, fully featured Ethernet LAN Analysis package, which includes facilities for:

  • Network link monitoring
  • List of active network stations (nodes)
  • Network link and station connection status
  • Threshold exceptions
  • Packet capture and Analysis
  • Powerful WEB /HTTP analysis

Program is specially designed for:

·         LAN supervisors - media load distribution analysis will be helpful to find stations generating most of the frame traffic, and point-to point tests will help find defected stations. Network profile and new station detection will allow you to easily detect intruders, who connect to your network segment. Additionally, the network profile may be used for inventory purposes.


·         Network programmers - Packet Capture and analysis are invaluable tools while testing communication between network applications running on different nodes (stations). The programmable protocol decoder allows you to create your own Analysis scripts, and then to monitor these protocols with ANASIL. ANASIL is also able to monitor the status of the NetBIOS adapters on remote stations.


·         Network engineers - Packet Capture and Decoding is useful to detect and correct network configuration problems and point-to-point tests can assist in the network hardware installation/maintenance.

 Please visit our web site and download trial version of ANASIL. If you are interested in selling ANASIL or have any questions please contact me at address@hidden.


If you do not wish to receive further mailings, please send us email address@hidden with word 'no' in subject. You may then rest-assured that you will never receive another email from us. 

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