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[gfsd]Re: Questions for Free Software Directory

From: Scott Christley
Subject: [gfsd]Re: Questions for Free Software Directory
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2001 16:11:47 -0700

Richard Stallman wrote:

> I am glad we now have a valid email address for you.
> new-gnu people, please record Scott's new address for his packages.
> It looks like you can't maintain Windows32API any more, so we face the
> question of whether to look for another maintainer or retire it.
>       When it comes to GCC for example, I
>     know of two platforms cygwin32 and mingw32 which may possibly still use
>     the package; though I'm not positive.  In either case, they may have a
>     forked copy of the package that they maintain or they may have written
>     their own version.
> Could you help us out by asking the developers of those packages what they
> want and where they stand in regard to Windows32API?

I've investigated the mingw32 website and source code, and it is apparent that
they no longer use this package but have written their own.  I've also browsed
the cyginw32 source code, and they too are using a different package... here is
a snipet from their README file:

  This is a free set of headers and import libraries for the Win32
  API.  The library differs from the GNU Windows32 library in that I
  have tried to use a file structure that mirrors Microsoft's.

Retiring the package seems appropriate based upon what I've seen.

> Do you ever get mail from users of the package?


> If users try to send mail to the package maintainer, what will happen?

The email would undoubtedly bounce.

> Does the address given in that package for reaching the maintainer
> still work?  Is it necessary to change the package if only so that
> mail from users won't bounce?

No, the email does not work; it should be changed if the package is to

> Are you still maintaining gnustep-db?

This is part of GNUstep so I think that Adam Fedor is maintaining this package.


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