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Re: [gfsd]Typo on glibc directory page

From: Janet Casey
Subject: Re: [gfsd]Typo on glibc directory page
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 14:12:52 -0400

   On the page, cygnus is repeatedly
   spelled 'dygnus' under the CVS section:

   CVS repository :
           :pserver:address@hidden:/cvs/glibc login password: anoncvs
           :pserver:address@hidden:/cvs/glibc co libc
   This might be misleading for anyone trying to retrieve the CVS sources.

Misleading for them, and embarassing for us... thanks for catching
this! I apologize for the mistake, which I have now corrected; the new
information will show up in the Directory tomorrow (we run a nightly
cron job that updates all changes).

Janet Casey
Free Software Foundation

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