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[gfsd]about gpm support

From: Hu Yong
Subject: [gfsd]about gpm support
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 11:15:44 +0800

We are working on Chinese Visual Console Software called zhcon.
zhcon use pty mode to support Chinese.
mc is working very well even in pty.
But we found a problem when use gpm to support mouse.
mc can not open mouse in pty mode.
Yes, it maybe problem of gpm, because gpm can not support
drawpoint, copy/paste when vc is not /dev/tty*.
We have made emulate of those function, as you know, just disable
default funticon by defaultmask, and use zhcon handle all function
related VC.
But mc can not open gpm because it not in VC like /dev/tty*. The main
problem is two:
1. Gpm_Open use 0 as FLAG, can mc check current vc is real tty or pty,
and try to find vc num by pty. Or may give a command line para to get
real tty number.
2. How to disable Gpm_DrawPoint funtcion?
3. mc -x can use ansi mouse mode, is it useful for us?
Hu Yong.
zhcon develop group.

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