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Re: [gfsd]CLISP on GNU web pages.

From: matthew.copeland
Subject: Re: [gfsd]CLISP on GNU web pages.
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 09:42:31 -0500 (CDT)

Since I have some strong favortism towards wanting to play with clisp, I
will see if I can't checkout the appropriate files tonight after work and
get them corrected.  (I can't access the repository from work.)  I will
send in a diff as soon as I can after I have made a run at fixing it.

Matthew M. Copeland

On 22 Aug 2001, Sam Steingold wrote:

> This is my _third_ attempt to report the following 3 problems.
> The first two reports were acknowledged but _nothing_ has changed.
> 1. does not mention CLISP.
> 2. has _many_ factual and
>    formatting errors.
> 3. search on for "CLISP" finds nothing.
>    search for "lisp" finds 15 pages, none of them mention CLISP.
> Also, at the moment, the domain CONS.ORG is dead.
> Can I request, as an _emergency_, to replace all occurrences of
> "" with "" on all GNU pages?
> Thanks.

You may be sure that when a man begins to call himself a "realist," he
is preparing to do something he is secretly ashamed of doing.
                -- Sydney Harris

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