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[gfsd]Winners' Affiliates

From: CasinotraffiX
Subject: [gfsd]Winners' Affiliates
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 14:33:06 +0200

To the Webmaster

Is your web site capable of printing money?

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Troy Funnell and I am the affiliate manager at I made time and browsed through your web site and would like you to consider becoming a member of our affiliate program. Herewith is my idea of a revolutionary cyber-partnership between your website and

Not only will both our sites enjoy increased exposure but we can look forward to alternative revenue streams as well. Which is where most .com companies have been seen to fall short in the past. For more information please visit us at, a private site developed solely for the benefit of our affiliates.

Before going into detail I’d like to give you some background information on the gaming industry and the Winners’ Playground team.

The online gaming industry is practically five years old (one would say in its infancy) and has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry. Being labeled as one of two .com industries that are showing phenomenal growth and profits. The other needless to say is the adult entertainment industry. Online gaming sites are showing growth rates anywhere between 30% and 50% per annum and forecasts even greater growth as the Internet spreads its wings around the world.

A twenty-four hour business that make money while you sleep? Not many businesses can say that! And we would like you and your site to be part of it.

Not to say that we sleep, with a call center operating (24/7) around the clock 365 days of the year and gaming software supplied by the leading gaming software developers

Real time gamming we are confident that you and your site will be exposed to nothing but the best.

But don’t take my word for it, try it!

We have three years experience with one of the big five auditing firms relating to online gaming site auditing not to mention professionals in security reviews ,audience analysis,  data mining and an extensive marketing and promotional team. As a service center we pride ourselves on professional customer relations and a lightening fast response time.

Winner’s Playground has an extremely successful affiliate program able to produce great results.

Here with is our proposal to you:

As an affiliate of we would like you to place a Winners’ Playground banner in the position of your choice. To view an assortment of banners visit us at The banners will divert traffic to us and  each banner has its own unique coding that will enable our tracking software to track the number of people coming and playing at from your site.

Further more you will be able to track your site’s success as we post the results on an alternative site accessible by you with your own unique username and password. The site has been developed solely for our affiliates, with loads of competitions and promotions.

This is sure to be a winner!

I look forward to your response and have no doubt that this could be the start of an exciting new venture.

Best Regards

Troy Funnell
Affiliate Manager

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