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[gfsd]Re: phpGroupWare

From: Dan Kuykendall (Seek3r)
Subject: [gfsd]Re: phpGroupWare
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 08:51:26 -0700

Richard Stallman wrote:
> I hereby dub phpGroupWare a GNU package.  Of course I expect
> that you are going to replace the GIF files, etc.

Awesome. Thanks. I have someone working on converting the files, and I
have also created a image rollover function so that if a png doesnt
exist, it checks for a jpg and then finally a gif.

> Please don't forget to mention prominently in the README file and
> other suitable documentation places that it is a GNU program.

All the readme's and website pages should be updated this weekend. At
that time I will post the announcement on our website. I dont want to
annouce until all references to 'Linux' are updated to 'GNU/Linux' so
that new eyes dont get the wrong impression.

> They will also add you to the gnu-prog mailing list, a moderated list
> for announcements to GNU maintainers.  They will also add you to the
> gnu-prog-disc list, which can be used for discussion among GNU
> maintainers, but whether to stay on the list is up to you.


> Would you like to make the distribution site?
> If so, please tell address@hidden when you have
> a version to release.  If you need, we can make an acct for
> you on so you can install new versions.

Yes, this would be a good idea.

> Could you please write some web pages about the program, to put on
>  The main web site for a GNU package should be on
>, not just a link to elsewhere.  Please follow the style
> guidelines in, and
> send the pages to address@hidden when you are done.

Yes. I am working on be able to create a full mirror of the website on your server.

> We invite you to put the CVS repository on for
> both the program and its web pages.  This repository supports the
> sourceforge features through the alias  Using
> subversions makes it easy to update the web pages, since they can be
> checked out automatically ont; you just have to install
> updates using CVS.  Using subversions will also help the GNU Project.
> To set this up, visit

Im not planning on moving everything to savannah just yet. I figure that
SF may not last forever, but for now I will stay put. We just get too
much exposure via sf, and we have alot of data on there that would have
to be re-added if we moved.

> Please also write an entry or a change for the page
>, and mail that to
> address@hidden also.  Note that we don't want to talk about
> proprietary software, so if you have worked on any, please don't
> mention it here.  Your entry can include a link to your home page
> provided it fits our usual criteria for what we link to.


> Please fill out an entry about your program for our Free Software
> Directory.  Please contact address@hidden for more info about this.


> Please mail an announcement to address@hidden about the existence of
> the program, either when the program is released, or now if the
> program is already released.  Include a brief description of the
> program so people can tell whether they are interested in using it.
> Mention the web pages on and say where to get the program
> by ftp.


Thank you again. I will get working on all the listed tasks over the
next week or so.

Dan Kuykendall

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