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[gfsd]software directory entry

From: Stephen C. Grubb
Subject: [gfsd]software directory entry
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 12:46:02 -0400 (EDT)

A software package that I maintain, called PLOTICUS,
was recently added to your "Packages using GPL" list.
Someone from FSF told me I could submit an entry
for PLOTICUS by writing to this address.

SO here it is:

Title:          ploticus
Freeware Type:  plotting/data display package 
Home Page:
Distribution:   Free source code; pre-compiled binaries some platforms

Produces full-color lineplots, bargraphs, histograms, scatterplots, 
pie graphs, rangebars, boxplots, tables, tabular plots etc.  Many 
labeling and style features.  Produce graphs for publications, slides, 
posters, web pages and intranets.  Plots from tabular data sets.  
Handles numeric, date, time, and alphanumeric data.  Script-driven, 
non-interactive.  Can render in Postscript, PNG, GIF, or X11.  
Originally written in clinical trials / biostatistics organization.  


Stephen C. Grubb    address@hidden 
Scientific Software Engineer, The Jackson Laboratory 
600 Main Street  Bar Harbor, Maine 04609 USA 

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