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[gfsd]Directory Preamble

From: Janet Casey
Subject: [gfsd]Directory Preamble
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 14:59:58 -0400

It appears I forgot to include this files in my previous e-mail. Apologies.

This is something I wrote as a preamble to the forthcoming (soon, I
hope) Web interfacef ot the Directory. Comments, suggestions, and
questions are welcome.


Welcome to the Free Software Foundation's Directory of free software!
Please read this short preamble before you enter your package.

This Directory is meant to consist of reasonably complete packages
only. We want to present the best of free software with a high degree
of usability. If you consider your package to be an alpha or beta
release, please think carefully before entering it in our Directory.
We realize that there are some programs that although technically not
stable releases, still work quite well. We would certainly take these.
However, if your package is not complete, we would ask that you either
hold off entering it in the Directory until it is complete or that you
consider merging it with an existing free software package to
strengthen both packages.

We do not want to discourage originality but rather encourage the
development of complete and usable packages of free software. If you
have any questions or comments on this, please write to
<address@hidden>. Thank you very much!


Janet Casey                     
Free Software Foundation                     

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