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Re: [gfsd]Fwd: Re: Offer of help

From: Soam Vasani
Subject: Re: [gfsd]Fwd: Re: Offer of help
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 16:30:41 +0530
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   Mark R.Bannister wrote:
   > Not all packages displayed under "All packages" appear
   > under a specific category for example.  Some of the
   > categorisation seems a bit vague, and the longer lists of
   > packages aren't very easy to use because they're not in
   > alphabetical order.

We were going to overhaul the whole directory tree to make it
better organised than the current one, but that didn't actually
get done... I think some of the %%category: values are for the
new tree, so they don't get displayed.

Probably the change is just a matter of rewriting the
'categories' file.

Soam Vasani

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