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[gfsd]Installation Error in Snacc-1.3

From: Solomon
Subject: [gfsd]Installation Error in Snacc-1.3
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 18:29:15 +0530

Hi !!
I am trying to install Snacc on Hp-ux 11.00 on a D-Class server.After extracting the tar file then ./configure goes fine and when i try to execute make install it gives the following error :
Make : Must be a separator on rules line 86. Stop.
*** Error exit code 1
And if i check the ../compiler/makefile the line 86 contains the following line
CPPFLAGS                += $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES)
I tried to remove the + and nothing happened.
May i know at the earliest how to solve this problem..
Thanx in Advance..

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