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From: Daniel Stenberg
Subject: [gfsd]
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 09:06:01 +0200 (MET DST)


(Mail is CC'ed for info to the Hypermail mailinglist)

A couple of notes regarding the hypermail entry in the GNU directory.


 While it is flattering to see my name and (previous) email address
 mentioned, having me listed like this as author of Hypermail is not
 reflecting reality.

 I would suggest that you correct my email (to address@hidden) and add at
 least these people to the list of developers:

  Peter C. McCluskey <address@hidden>
  Jose Kahan <address@hidden>
  Bob Crispen <address@hidden>

 If you think that list becomes too big, then I'd suggest that you remove my
 name as well and only refer to the hypermail web page, as keeping my name as
 the only one makes me feel bad.


 It currently states: "GPL, MPL, BSD". Isn't that very confusing?

 I don't realize where you found the "MPL" reference, and the BSD licensed
 stuff in the sources only covers tiny bits of a few source files.

 The entire Hypermail package is licensed under GPL.


      Daniel Stenberg - - +46-705-44 31 77
   ech`echo xiun|tr nu oc|sed 'sx\([sx]\)\([xoi]\)xo un\2\1 is xg'`ol

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