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[gfsd][Fwd - Frm: address@hidden, Subj: Open Source C++ Foundation Proje

From: Free Software Foundation
Subject: [gfsd][Fwd - Frm: address@hidden, Subj: Open Source C++ Foundation Project "txObject ATK" for submission]
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 22:51:31 -0400
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webmasters: See if he meets our linking requirements for, and please tell him about "open
source" vs. "free software".

bug-directory: please see if we should make an entry for this program.

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Date: 9 Mar 2001 11:45:56 -0800
Subject: Open Source C++ Foundation Project  "txObject ATK" for submission

GNU folks,

Searching through your web site I noticed that you have links to 
useful projects developers can use. For instance the "GNU Portable Thread" 

I would like to submit txObject ATK threading package to this list. txObject 
ATK is a five layer C++ framework, licensed under GPL, where layer 3 provides 
platform independent Object-Oriented threads for both Preemptive and 
Non-Preemptive uses.

The following is a quick description:

The txObject Application Tool Kit (ATK) is a collection of platform-independent 
C++ Class libraries that provides a five-layer framework containing an Object 
Library, IO and Timers, Threads, Inter-Process Communication, and Distributed 
Object Communication.

If you believe GNU users will benefit by using txObject ATK, you can find it at 
either of the following addresses:

Best Regards,


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