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[gfsd]Computer Security for Mobile and Wireless Training Conference - Wa

From: David C . Dickson
Subject: [gfsd]Computer Security for Mobile and Wireless Training Conference - Wash DC - April 24 - Also, Call For Nominations
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 18:09:17 -0400

TO:        address@hidden

Computer Security for Mobile & Wireless Business Applications in Government 

Call for Award Nominations Issued by the Federal CIO Council - Security 

First Annual Computer Security for Mobile and Wireless Business Applications 
(see below for nomination information)

**** Special NOTE:  Submission date for nominations has been extended to 15 

Date of Conference:  April 24, 2001

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington D.C.
Atrium Ballroom

Time: 7:30 AM Registration
Program Starts: 8:30 AM
Wrap-up: 4:45 PM

Co-sponsored by GSA Federal Supply Service

About this conference:

Government IT, Program, and Business Area Executives and Managers are quickly 
recognizing the exciting opportunity to extend their reach beyond the web to 
devices like cell phones, handheld computers, interactive pagers, Palm Pilots, 
and other PDAs. E-Government is also a key initiative of the new 
With the new e-Government applications and communications, computer security 
has emerged as a top issue and challenge. 

The commercial growth potential for this market is just about to explode. IDC 
Research projects that 61.5 million people will be 
using wireless devices to access the Internet in 2003. This is a 728% increase 
from the 7.4 million users today. Government business applications of wireless 
will track this explosive growth. 

This conference will highlight innovative management and technical approaches 
to the security of these mobile and wireless business and military applications 
and agency plans and programs for securing these applications.

Because of their importance to the government and the public, the conference 
will be recognizing government organizations who have demonstrated outstanding 
management and technical performance in security of mobile and wireless 
(and military) applications. 

Please see below for nomination information.

Event Produced by The Potomac Forum (address@hidden). Event support, research 
and promotion by Market*Access International

Who should attend: 

* Agency IT Executives, Managers, and Staff 
* Agency Security Executives, Managers and Staff 
* Agency mobile and wireless program managers 
* Agency Telecommunications Executives, Manages and Staff 
* Tele-work and Telecomm Directors, Managers, and Staff 
* Functional area managers using mobile computing 
* Wireless and mobile solutions providers 

What you will learn:

* Agency plans, programs and priorities 
* Successes and Lessons Learned in Securing Mobile and Wireless Applications 
and Devices 
* Innovative government mobile and wireless security approaches and 
* How the law enforcement community approaches security for mobile and wireless 
* How the military approaches security for mobile and wireless applications 
* Security of remote database management 
* Security of handheld devices and PDAs 
* Wireless & mobile security solutions 
* How to structure wireless security solutions 
* Commercial and government best practices 

Speakers at this conference will include: 

*  Industry Keynote - Security Issues & Solutions for Mobile and Wireless 
in Government
John Girard

*  Security on PDAs: Lessons Learned - Preventive Techniques and Misconceptions
John Inkley, Manager - Federal, Palm, Inc.

*  EIRO - the new GSA FSS Program for Wireless and Mobile Computing
Chuck Popelka, Director Business Development, GSA FSS Acquistion Center, GSA 

*  Key Issues in the Security of a Wireless Environment in Government
James Downes, Director Wireless Program Office, Department of the Treasury 
includes the 
Public Safety Wireless Network PSWN) Program

*  Wireless & Mobile Security - A Best Practices Approach for Government
James Craft, Chair, Security Practices Subcommittee, Federal CIO Council & 
Security Officer, Agency for International Development

*  Secure Wireless Computing of the DOD Customer
John Hooder, Chief IT Implementation Branch, DISA

*  A Common Sense Approach to Security on a Mobile Data Computer in Law 
Doug Landin, Colorado State Patrol, Colorado Department of Public Safety

*  The New Required Self Assessment Guide for Security of IT Systems - Part of 
the Information Security Reform Act 
and Required OMB Submission - What you need to know
Marianne Swanson, Senior Advisory for Security, NIST

*  Managing the Complexities of Mobile and Wireles Applications - Security and 
Ken Whitehead, Director of Federal Operations, Aether Systems

*  Lessons Learned in Securing a Government Network
Margaret Grayson, CEO and President, V-ONE Corp.

*  Mobile and Wireless Security Best Practices, Jim Craft, Chair, Security 
Subcommittee, Federal CIO Council & Information Systems Security Officer, 
for International Development

*  Mike Barrett, Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA), A 
VPN & Collaborative Wireless Application - Lessons Learned in Developing a 
System in use by multiple government Agencies 

*  Paul Ratazzi, Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome AFB New York,  Information 
Assurance issues surrounding the predominant commercial wireless local area 
(LAN) technologies  in various Air Force and DoD applications


First Annual Computer Security for Mobile and Wireless Business Applications 
in Government Awards 
Recognizing Technical Achievement:

Also at this conference, awards will be presented to those government 
who have demonstrated outstanding performance 
and leadership in developing innovative approaches and solutions to the 
of Mobile and Wireless Applications in Government.

Submit your one page project summary to: address@hidden 

Award categories to be considered: 

1. Innovative approaches and applications for mobile and wireless security
2. Enterprise-wide applications for mobile and wireless security
3. e-Business mobile and wireless security
4. Military Command and Control mobile and wireless security
5. Emergency and public safety mobile and wireless security
6. Mobile Office and Portable Applications security
7. Management and Leadership Success in the security of mobile and wireless 
applications in government.

Candidate projects will be submitted to a joint industry-government committee 
for evaluation and selection. The award 
selection committee may combine or designate separate categories of awards.

The winners will receive recognition at the event and with their agency and may 
be selected to present their project at the conference.

Please survey your agency and department. If your organization has one -or more 
-candidates, submit your nominations.

Initially, we need only a max of 2 page summary of the project and a point of 
contact at the team so that we can obtain additional 
information as needed. Closing date for submission of your nominations is April 
15, 2001.

How to submit your project for consideration:

Outline for Candidate Submission

1. Name of project:
2. Department/Agency.
3. Address:
4. Phone, email and web site contact: Information for Team/Project Leader and 
team members.
5. Brief description of the project. Focus on the application.
6. Status. Potential Impact. If the project or test is successful, describe the 
magnitude of the deployment and impact on the project 
and/or government enterprise, citizen Contractor(s) supporting the project (if 
any) and Point of Contact

The First Annual Computer Security of Mobile and Wireless Business Applications 
in Government will also highlight the new 
and exciting security applications that are in place today and are in 
Exhibits, demonstrations and presentations 
will allow government users to become informed of new wireless and mobile 
products and services.

Agency presentations will focus on projects in the early stages that will 
innovative enterprise-level applications. 
Leaders will be recognized for their contributions and technology innovation.

The conference is Sponsored and Presented by Potomac Forum, Ltd. with Marketing 
and Event Management by Market*Access International.

Corporate Sponsors: 

* Verizon Federal Network Systems 
* Market*Access International 
* V-One
* Vignette
* ACS Defense

Organizational Sponsors:

* GSA Federal Supply Service 
* INPUT Government 
* Federal CIO Council Security Practices Subcommittee 

The registration fee for this important training conference is:

Government Credit Card or Check in Advance: $395
Government Training Forms/Invoice: $445
Industry and Federal Contractors, Payment in Advance: $595
Industry and Federal Contractors/Invoice: $645

We accept government training forms and government and commercial credit cards 
(VISA, MC, American Express).

Please register early. The conference area has limited seating available and 
we anticipate a sell out.

Points of Contact:

* For technical support with this web site, please contact Mr. Parrish Knight, 
* For information on exhibitor arrangements, please contact Ms. Danielle Ortiz, 
* For general information about this event, please contact Ms. Krissy Brooks, 
* For information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ms. Cara 
at 703/867-6921 

Purchase and Information Options:

[1] Phone: 301-652-0810 and speak with Ms. Krissy Brooks.
[2] Email: address@hidden
[3] Register online: Use our online booking form to register and pay by credit 
card electronically.
[4] Fax: registration form to 301-652-0914.
[5] Mail: registration form to:

Market*Access International, Inc.
Attn: Registration Dept.
5454 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 810
Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815

Sponsorships Available! For sponsorship information, please contact:

Cara Lombardi

Market*Access International
5454 Wisconsin Ave. #810
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Phone (703) 867-6921
Fax (301) 652-0914

Additional Information on Training Courses Available

For more information on these courses and sites, view our web site at

Market*Access - Dale Carnegie Training Seminars

* Leadership for Federal Business Managers April 20  (Wash D.C.)
* CRM Training May 8-10 (Wash D.C.)
* Sales Fundamentals May 15-17 (Tampa) 
* Sales Management June 27-28 (Tampa) 
* CRM August 21-23 (Tampa) 
* Sales Fundamentals August 28-30 (Tampa) 
* Sales Management Sept 18-19 (Tampa) 
* CRM Sept 25-27 (Tampa) 

Sales Fundamentals and CRM are three-day classes. Sales Management is two-day 

Additional dates to be set in DC and West Coast

Information on all events and training courses can be found at 

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Thank you.

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