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[gfsd]volunteer signup to free s/w contribution to GNU

From: Satya Nemana
Subject: [gfsd]volunteer signup to free s/w contribution to GNU
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 16:23:26 -0800 (PST)


I would like to develop and contribute any kind of
free s/w for GNU as a s/w developer. I already did
some coding to enhance the free "elm" tool feature for

I have an excellent s/w development experience of 
about more than 20 years with double masters in 
Physics and Computer Scinece. I developed and 
bug-fixed lots of s/w in Unix internals, unix tools, 
libraries and also in Windows environment.

I worked in designing controller firmware and writing 
device drivers, and developing embedded systems in 
various h/w and operating system environments, 
including Unix, Linux, Windows, Versados, VxWorks, 
PSOS etc.

I also specialized in latest state of the art
technologies in various optical, wireless and data
networks, in both equipment manufacturing and services
such as  provisioning, maintenenace and billing
services etc.

I can be reached at 'address@hidden' and at my home
phone 1-732-264-5756, located in "32 Orchard Ave,
HOLMDEL, NJ-07733".

I request you to proivde me an opportunity to develop
some free s/w for GNU. I am a fan of GNU and
especially Linux. Though I am very much busy with my
regular job, I would like to spend some time and keep
up my interests in s/w development for GNU as well.

For your quick info, I developed excellent tools using
Unix and MKS-NT (and of course awk, yacc, lex etc).
They are too many to describe, but I would like to go
on a need basis and see what best I can do to offer
help, as a volunteer.

Thanks in advance,
Satya Nemana


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