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[gfsd]Re: GNU HaliFAX

From: Brian Youmans
Subject: [gfsd]Re: GNU HaliFAX
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 16:04:48 -0500

Wolfgang:  I have added you to the mailing list address@hidden  It is an 
list which is used only when we need to send an announcement to all GNU package 

If you want I can add you to address@hidden, which is a discussion list for
GNU package maintainers.

I will also send you the GNU maintainers manual.  Many questions you might have
are answered there.

- Brian Youmans, FSF office staff

# gnu-prog is a moderated list.  Traffic is kept to the most essential issues
# and the number of messages is kept minimal.  The reason is that we wish all
# active GNU programmers and maintainers to remain on it, including those who
# are only cooperating with the FSF, because the FSF has decided to include
# their software in GNU.  The FSF doesn't want anyone unsubscribing because
# they find volume too high.  Many members of this list have indicated they
# wish the volume kept low.
# Most inquiries should be directed to rms or gnu-prog-disc instead.  The
# members of gnu-prog-disc list expect discussion and lots of e-mail.
# This list, gnu-prog, is used to update all active GNU programmers and
# maintainers on changes made by rms to the GNU coding standards and very
# occasionally query the community of active GNU programmers on programming
# issues of such great importance that a query to and discussion either
# directly with rms or on gnu-prog-disc isn't sufficient.
# It is not intended to be used for discussion.  See gnu-prog-disc.
# gnu-prog should not be mentioned in other contexts.  It's meant to
# be a private mailing list.  Do not include it in mail sent to
# those not on it.

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